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Grow in popularity

The Mom and Pop League continue to grow its popularity as every week passes by.

The programme is basically for kids under the age of 10 to come along with their parents and enjoy football programme organized by Fiji Football Association (Fiji FA), an initiative of the Technical Department with the help of Just Play programme volunteers.

Mom and Pop League programme offers everyone the chance to play football, without discrimination and without the need for major infrastructure.

The two-hour session organized in Southern, Northern and Western division includes fun games with messages, football techniques and free football match for kids and also for the parents.

It also contributes to Health and Wellness, keeps everybody moving, instead of playing indoor video games.

This programme also brings everybody together as depicted in Fiji Football Association Philosophy “Equality and Unity through Football to build a better Fiji”.

Fiji FA Media visited the Mom and Pop League programme in Nadi last week.

Despite the programme not being held for three weeks due to the severe flooding and Tropical Cyclone Keni, interest within the parents and kids never deteriorated.

This was clearly evident as a total of 84 participants turned up last week to enjoy the two-hour football activities.

Nadi Football Women’s coach Ameena Hussein, who has been a volunteer since the programme started in Nadi, said the turnout had been amazing.

She said there happened to be a time few weeks back when these participating kids had no proper knowledge about football.
Following the Mom and Pop League, massive changes have taken place.

“The kids who are with us right now had no knowledge about football when they came here on the very first day, but now we can see they have started to learn the basics at this age.

“I must thank the parents for bringing their kids to enjoy our two hours of constructive football programme.

“We have recorded 84 participants today (last Saturday) and it was over 90 the previous week.

“If we work hand in hand with the parents, I think we will surely achieve our target,” Hussein said.

She said the reactions of both parents and the kids basically show they are enjoying every bits of the programme.

One of the parents, Olivia Smith who brought her seven-year-old daughter to participate, provided lunch for all the participants present last week.

“The kids love whatever we are trying to teach them. Their attendance every week simply tells us how passionate they are about football.
“Parents are also interested in what their kids are learning from us every week.”

Zoneed Shah, who brought his six-year-old son, commended Fiji Football Association (Fiji FA) for such initiative as far as grass-root level of development in concerned.

“I think that this is a very good thing from Fiji FA as our kids are now starting to learn the basics of football at a very young age.

“This is a very good initiative from our footballing body as we are now starting football at a grass-root level.

“I think grass-root level of development was long overdue in Fiji and with this Mom and Pop League already into place, the future of our kids look exciting.”

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