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Gamel Welcomes Fiji FA Decision

Vodafone Fiji national coach Christhope Gamel has welcome Fiji Football Association’s decision in introducing 90 minutes football in the Vodafone National Club Championship from next year.

“It’s a good decision because FIFA tournaments are played 90 minutes,”Gamel said.

He said that was a good way to develop football in the country.

“Well we need to set up things from club level to develop football,”Gamel said.

Gamel said he was impressed with performance of only some clubs.

“I am disappointed as some clubs still play kick and chase football and we have get out of that and the clubs are the first one.”

“I am really impressed with Raymonds FC and Blues FC because they play structured football especially Raymonds with the youth players.”

“It is the job of the coaches to guide the players and that were the only team that had qualified coaches and that is why they reached the finals,’Gamel said.

Gamel said clubs should get qualified coaches than only we could develop football.

Fiji FA will restructure the National Club Championship with new format next year.

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