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Coaches To Be Monitored: Gamel

The Vodafone Fiji national football coach Christophe Gamel says monitoring the football coaches is very much needed in the development of football in the country.

“I think we need to monitor the coaches because that is our main problem and I understand why there is no consistency after the players go back from national team camp,”Gamel said.

Gamel said when the players go back from the camp the coaches did not bothered to monitor the players.

“There may be only one or two district coaches who monitor the players and follow the philosophy of the football but there are some districts they start doing their own,”Gamel said.

Gamel said the players do not follow the proper program and process.

‘Most players when they come back to national camp they get over weight and this have to be controlled by the district coaches,”Gamel said.

The Frenchman said they had to start everything from the club level.

“We could see that two teams playing in the Vodafone National Club Championship only had coaches coaching from the sideline. It is very important to have coaches in each clubs because coaches are very important. They give instructions, the plan of the game and they have coaching background.”Gamel said.

He said they could see Raymonds FC and Blues FC reaching to the finals of the Vodafone National Club Championship because they had better coaches.

“Both teams were well prepared and the coaches did their job and they played better football.”

Gamel said he was happy with performance of the two teams.

“I could see them not playing the kick and chase football but they followed the philosophy of Fiji football,”Gamel said.

He said he was not happy with the performance of some top clubs.

“I have seen some teams playing kick and chase football and I am not happy with it. I also went to the Labasa Muslim tournament and still I could see some kick and chase football been played.”

“We need to get bottom of it and change the old traditional of playing and I think the best way to start will be from the clubs.”

‘I am worried that some coaches they coach the district teams but their clubs still play kick and chase football.”

The no-nonsense coach said they would form a group of qualified coaches to monitor and assist the clubs and districts.

“I will form a group of expect coaches who will go and  monitor every clubs and district coaches because when you take a team it is your responsibility and you can’t expect to play kick and chase football,”

“The club and districts coaches should choose a good and qualified coach and for that they have to request to Fiji FA and we will help them,”Gamel said.

Gamel said they had to put in front people with responsibility.

“We need people who have passion and commitment for football and that will make Fiji football’s future bright and shinning.”

Gamel said if the district and club coaches should be the first one to assist the development of players in this country.

“I think the districts should be stricter on player’s diet and fitness and we all follow the same playing philosophy that will help a lot.”

‘If the players go through proper programe we will not need long camps for the national team because the players will be fit and that will make our work easy and its simple,”Gamel said.

Gamel said if the players were properly guided by the district officials that would make the Fijian football future bright.


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