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Fiji Football Referees Warned To Maintain Fitness


Fiji Football Association senior vice president Yogeshwar Singh has sent a strong warning to Fiji Football referees to maintain their fitness level at all time.

Speaking during the opening of the FIFA MA Elite Referees Five Days Course at Fiji FA Headquarters in Vatuwaqa last Wednesday, Singh said fitness is a very important in refereeing and decision making.

“This is not a fun game but every day you are learning and when you are learning, you’re not like some of the referees who think they know everything,” said Singh.

“When the director tells you something you think he over rides you and this one game that you learn every day because you learn by mistake.

He said no one was perfect. “When Maradona can score with his hand and the referee could not see, referees often get blamed for all these things.”

Singh said referees should be bright enough to take everything and don’t just throw the whistle away.

“We in Fiji Football with FIFA spent a lot of money to see that you are groomed to be the best and you are very fortunate that FIFA and Fiji FA is spending a lot to make you best referee.”

He said often they saw that FIFA referees when they go out of the country they failed their test and there were lots of expense that goes down the drain.

“You must realise this if you become a FIFA or even you are representative referee your fitness plays a very important role.”

Fitness he said became very important and he had been told there were new criteria coming in to test the fitness of the referees.”I don’t think anyone of you will pass the test if taken to the field now.”

Singh said the participants are very lucky to have the FIFA Fitness trainer with them to teach and guide their fitness.

“You are very fortunate to have FIFA fitness instructor to teach you how to go through your daily routine and maintain your fitness at all time.”

He said Fiji Football was doing everything to help in the development of referees and thanked all the participants for having courage in taking the challenge in refereeing.

About 25 referees and 5 assessors from around the country participated in a five day course which ended on Monday.

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