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Elite Referees Conclude Course

Elite referees in Fiji concluded a five-day FIFA Member Association refereeing course at Fiji Football Headquarters in Vatuwaqa on Monday afternoon with thirty plus participants which including five assessors.

The course was officially opened by Fiji FA senior vice president Yogeshwar Singh and was led by FIFA Referee Technical Instructors Krystyna Szokolai.

Szokolai said the course reaffirms with the local elite referees current trends and interpretations of the FIFA Laws of the Game and combined a mixture of theory and practical sessions.

“The referees were also privy to some of the amendments to the FIFA Laws of the Game which came into effect on June 1,” she said.

Szokolai said she was really impressed with enthusiasm shown by the elite referees and assessors during the week course.

“The referees were very engaged, they were discussing all the time and asking lots of questions and clarifications. “

She said they also went through the main changes in the laws of the game and they also received new law books for the 2016/2017 period.

“This is really important for their development and we also went through some practical training sessions where we practiced real refereeing decisions on the field as well as their fitness.

Szokolai said the main objective for the course was to improve refereeing and give much information as possible to make correct decisions on the field because ultimately it is about the correct decision.

“It is important that the assessors also attended because they needed to be aware what we were teaching the referees so that they than are armed with same information when they make their assessments and that’s important, particularly with so many changes.”

She hopes all participants will work hard to improve the quality of referees in their respective districts.

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