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Fiji FA To Start Club Licensing


Fiji Football Association will soon start the Club Licensing platform under FIFA Club Licensing system.

Fiji FA chief executive officer Bob Kumar says following the FIFA Club Licensing Seminar in collaboration with the Oceania Football Confederation on the 22/23 September 2016 in Auckland New Zealand, it has become mandatory for all Premier Divisions Clubs/Districts to be licensed as per OFC/FIFA Club License requirements in order to participate in the OFC Champions League 2016 – 2017 competition.

“The FIFA Club Licensing system will raise the level both on and off the field and represents long term development tool for FIFA member association, “Kumar said.

Kumar said FIFA Club Licensing system is a necessary tool for developing club football because club football is the centre of development at National Level

“It will be compulsory for 2 clubs representing Fiji FA in the next Oceania Champions League to be fully licensed under the Fiji FA Club Licensing regulations.”

“FIFA Club Licensing represents a major pillar of football development,”

He said the objectives of the Club Licensing was to

• Safeguarding the credibility and integrity of club competitions;
• Improving the level of professionalism within the football family;
• Promoting sporting values in accordance with the principals of fair play, as well as safe and secure the match environments;
• Promoting transparency in the finances of the clubs;
• Promoting transparency in the ownership of the clubs;
• Promoting transparency in the control of the club;

Fiji Club Licensing system sets criteria that the clubs must meet to ensure participation

• example of Sporting Criteria is that the clubs must field youth teams to develop the next generation of players for that club and qualified coaches
• example of Administrative Criteria is the club must have a General Manger to ensure professional administration
• example of Infrastructure Criteria is the club must have a home training field and home field to play matches (some flexibility in terms of infrastructure criteria in OFC region)

Meanwhile Fiji FA Competitions Manager Amitesh Pal has been appointed as the Fiji FA Club Licensing manager.

Pal says they will be organising a workshop to educate the districts more about the club licensing next week.

He said it would be compulsory for all districts to adopt the new system by 2017.

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