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Fiji FA warns for social media live streaming

Fiji Football Association (Fiji FA) is sending a stern a warning to all the fans not to live stream games on social media during the Vodafone Fiji FACT in Nausori this weekend.

Chief executive officer Mohammed Yusuf said Fiji FA has only given full rights to WorldMax TV to bring all games live on pay-per-view channel.

He said the public, if caught streaming the games live on social media from the pavilions, will be seriously dealt with.

“We have come across situations like this in past tournaments and we have advised people not to engage in doing such thing.

“We will not be tolerating anyone on this matter.

“You all are paying to enjoy football, enjoy to the fullest rather than sitting from the pavilions and streaming the games,” Yusuf.

For those who cannot make it to the stadium, WolrdMax TV will bring all games live. Fans, especially in overseas, can watch all games live with only US$19.95 subscription. Visit for more information.

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