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Fiji FA Heads Attend FIFA Course

Fiji Football Association head of departments are attending a three days FIFA Forward Development Programme at the Fiji FA Headquarters in Vatuwaqa which started on Tuesday and concludes today.

FIFA Development Officer Shaun Easthope who is conducting the workshop says FIFA Forward is a “step change” for global football development and the way we share the success of the FIFA World Cup with our member associations.

“It is built on three principles to provide 360 degree, tailor-made support for football development in each of our member associations and the six confederations, “he said.

Easthope says the aim is to improve the way we develop and support football across the globe, so that the sport can reach its potential in every nation and so that everyone that wants to take part can do so without barriers.

“We aim to improve the impact and efficiency of our investment in development, achieving better and more sustainable results so that football can thrive everywhere.”

He says FIFA is bringing together all of their football project support into one tailor-made contract of agreed objectives and a development plan to meet the specific needs and challenges of each association.

“This means our member associations receive comprehensive and intelligent support, depending on their circumstances and the priorities and objectives they set for themselves, so that we make the most out of every dollar spent on football.

“We will focus on priority areas for the growth of global football, such as playing infrastructure, women’s and youth football, and domestic competitions.

He says FIFA wants to encourage best practice in football administration among our member associations, so that football has a strong foundation around the world.

“We will reward associations for fulfilling a range of criteria that we believe are necessary for the sustainable and responsible management of football at national level.

Easthope believes member associations could only achieve this with a proper strategic plan.

Easthope and FIFA Assistant Development Officer Lyn Shirley are in the country to assist Fiji FA on strategic planning.

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