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Bureat,Civic qualifies

Bureta Football Club and Civic Football Club of Suva have qualified for the 2017 Vodafone National Club Championship after the finals last Sunday.

Association president Ritesh Pratap congratulated both teams and wished them all the best.

“I congratulate both teams and wished them all the best as they will be flying the Suva flag during the NCC,”Pratap said.

He said both teams had the bulk of district reps and both were good teams.

“I think both are good teams and they just need to work on their finishing and structure to compete in the NCC,”

Pratap said the national club championship was not an easy competition because all teams would come out very prepared.

“The National Club Championship is getting very competitive every year and it will be very competitive and both teams will have to iron out their mistakes before the tournament,”Pratap said.

The Smart and Efficient Security Services boss said the overall the competition was very good.

“Our local league competition went very well even though we started late but we managed to finish it on time,”

Pratap said twenty team competed in the competition with four pools.

“We had 20 teams with five pools and then two teams qualified for the quarter-finals and then we had semi-finals and the final.”

He said there were lots of talents in the local competition.

“We have seen some good players and we have identified them and hope they will come out for training as we are trying to develop our own players,”Pratap said.

Bureta FC defeated Civic FC 4-1 in the final last Sunday and walked with a $1000 prize money while Civic FC received $500.

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