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Best present for Mother’s Day

Sharmila Devi could not await the final whistle of the 2019 Vodafone Fiji FACT to receive her best ever Mother’s Day gift from his son Jeshal Kumar.

Devi traveled all the way from Ba to witness and provide moral support to her son Jeshal and the Jetsetters.

And the rising star of Fijian football did not disappoint his mother and the Nadi fans as he continued with his excellent form from pool matches and the semifinals and deliver another sterling performance.

He took credit for the winning goal which defender Remueru Tekiate in his desperation to clear the ball, buried it into his own net.

“I am happiest and most proud mother today and this is the best gift my son has ever given to me,” said Devi.

“Both my sons have been playing soccer from childhood and they also represented Ba youth, Fiji youth teams and Nadroga in the past.”

“Jeshal has also played football in overseas. He played in New Zealand and Australia last year and came back home and decided to play for Nadi this year.”

“I as a mother, always encourage and support my sons in whatever they do. Jeshal has a lot of passion for football and he really worships the game.”

“Today while many mothers are celebrating Mothers’ Day with their families, I decided to be here in the ground to support my son because I knew he needed my support and without any doubt he made me proud with his performance,” she said.

“I was waiting at the gate for the final whistle to be blown and as soon as that happened, I madly ran on the field to give my son the first congratulatory hug and he could not stop his tears as he was happy to see me by his side.”

“He was away from home for some time in camp and I missed him, so today was very special as I got to meet him on Mothers’ Day and share the special win of his team.”
Kumar, 21, who is also in the Fiji’s extended squad for the Olympic playoffs in September said the tournament was special for him as it was his first.

“This was my first Fiji FACT final and I wanted to give my best. After I scored a goal in the semifinal against Lautoka, I was confident I could do well in the final and today’s win is very special to me, my mum and family.”

The former Ba Sanatan College student said he has blended in well with the young Nadi side and believes they can win more titles.

“We have a very good coach, very young and hardworking players and wonderful officials who really look after us well. We have achieved this victory through team work and I am looking forward to more success with my Nadi team,” he said.

Kumar was also won the Player of Day 4 award.

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