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Association helps flood victims

FIJI Football Association (Fiji FA) has assisted its staff members in Ba who were affected by the floods that ravaged parts of the Western Division last week.

Fiji FA Ba Academy staff members Mikia Roko Drakia, Firdoz Nabi, development officer and former national goalkeeper coach Epeli Codro, and referee Avinesh Narayan received packs of basic necessities from Fiji FA president Rajesh Patel.

“Everyone is trying to make sure that we recover as fast as we can and whatever assistance we can give to the victims,” Patel said.

“Fiji FA knows you’re our family and the first help needs to go to our family that has been affected and that is why when this was mooted, I did not hesitate,” Patel said.

“It is a small beginning for you to recover. It is not something that you will totally recover from what we have given, but it is a beginning to keep you going.

“It’s a difficult time but we are resilient people, we are Fijians, we have been through this a lot and we will always recover and come out even stronger.

“Floods will come and go. The government of the day is trying their best, but nature’s happenings cannot be stopped.

“We all go through together with it and I hope you have the courage to come out of it.”

Fiji FA technical director and academy general manager Ravinesh Kumar also echoed words of the president on behalf of the victims.

“Sorrows and hard times will be there with you for short time, good deeds will remain with you for your lifetime.

“We thank Fiji FA and RC Manubhai for giving these tokens for the flood victims which will help them a lot.”

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