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Fiji FA to assist affected players

Fiji FA chief executive officer Bob Kumar said the Fiji FA board has decided to assist the players as they know of the devastation caused by this monster cyclone.
“We will assist players who are in need of assistance,“ said Kumar.
“We have not allocated any specific amount or set-up a budget yet but surely we will be helping our players in their recovery and rebuilding phase.”
Kumar said their technical team would be advised and they would go out and do the assessment of the players affected.
“We will send our technical team to go and assess the damages and the players can send their claims to us and then the board will decide in which way we could assist them.
“We cannot help everyone but we will try our best to do whatever way we could to assist the players.
“Players who need assistance will have to lodge a request with us and we will help as many players possible accordingly.”
Kumar said the players can send their claims if they need assistants from Fiji Football.
“As the national body we have agreed to assist in whatever way possible and we have stopped our competitions for some time to allow people to fully recover from the aftermath of the cyclone,” he added.

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