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Endviolence Campaign

The ENDViolence Campaign focuses on ending violence towards women and children and will take place in 10 countries across the Pacific. Sporting role models will be advocating ENDViolence to aspiring athletes with the aim of changing perceptions towards women and violence in the region.
This campaign will run from March to December 2016. It is focussing on the three key events: International Women’s Day (March 8), the call to action (May 17) and Universal Children’s Day (November 20) based on these thematic areas, Gender Equality, Gender Empowerment, Youth Engagement, Community Development, Communication and Advocacy.
The key objectives for the ENDViolence Campaign is designed to capitalizing on the momentum and excitement of the FIFA U20Women’s World Cup in PNG to create a broad range advocacy campaign focussing on ENDViolence towards women and children. OFC Champions League and OFC Nations Cup will also be used as part of the campaign platform for this year.
Contribution to sustainable Development goals are 3-GOOD HEALTH AND WELLBEING, 5-GENDER EQUALITY, and 10-REDUCE INEQUALITIES for the benefit of children, young people, parents, teachers and the broader community.
Promoting positive child development is an important component of Just Play Program. Our main goal as coaches and teachers is to support children to develop to their full potential. The impacts of violence in our communities are lifelong and are passed from generation to generation. Through the Just Play Program we are working alongside, local Government, community partners, community leaders and in partnership with schools to help children in our communities to learn other, positive ways of interacting, behaving and engaging with each other. Through the Just Play Program, children in Samoa learn the importance of respect, the value of differences and the skills to engage with each other in a positive, meaningful way through sport and play. With the support of football and Football Federation Samoa, we are proud to be working with key partners such as the Australian Government, the New Zealand Government, the Australian Football Federation, the United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF and the UEFA foundation for children not forgetting our local Government ministries such as Ministry of Education Sports and Culture, Ministry of Women Community and Social Development, Ministry of Police and the Ministry of health to highlight importance of joining forces to act together to end the cycle of violence.
The Vailima Kiwi FC and Management, who will be our advocates for the ENDViolence Campaign in the upcoming OFC Championship League to be held in New Zealand on the 8th of April 2016.