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By Fiji Football Association president Rajesh Patel

OFC Champions League
Congratulations to Ba team for qualifying for the Oceania Football Confederation Champions League. Ba defeated Solomon Warriors and then went on to beat Amicale FC in Vanuatu and this shows that they are takings things seriously and will make Fijians proud if then go on to play in FIFA Club World Club. Ba will be playing Amicale FC again on Saturday and they need the support of the fans to boost their morale. The Fijians are so far undefeated in the completion which is very positive for a team to do well at the later part of the stages. There is proposal in OFC for second team from all the countries taking part in O League to have a second spot instead of 2 New Zealand teams, and looks very Positive and I will give more details later on.
OFC Under 17 Championship
Our Kappa Fiji Under 17 team has done well though they Will try their best to Qualify to the next step but again looking at the preparation and the game time the boys stepped up to the occasion and played their heart out for the country. Young boys were given the exposure at the international stage and most of them will then represent the under 20 team next when the team assembles. We are proud of our boys achievements so far knowing that the coaching panel had less time to build a winning team as the famous saying goes Rome was not built in a day so it will take time for the development but we are on track of achieving our aim which we set. Public are saying where is development; it will come in second term with Grassroots development and then the U13 and U 15 league.
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