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Message from Inkk Mobile Director

Bula Football Fans
Inkk Mobile is very excited to once again be supporting the Inkk Mobile
Battle of the Giants in 2013.
District Football remains as competitive as ever, and with the BOG
tournament featuring the current eight best teams in the country, football
fans are sure to be treated to some fantastic games over the coming week.
Football in Fiji is an opportunity for fans to demonstrate their passion
for their district, as well as their passion for the game, and the Inkk
Mobile Battle of the Giants, is no exception. And now, with the tournament
spread over two weekends at two separate venues, even more people
throughout Fiji will be able to access, and contribute to the success of
this year’s tournament.
Similarly, this has always been a key initiative for Inkk Mobile – giving
more Fijians access to mobile services. From the very beginning, where we
broke the mobile monopoly, Inkk Mobile has always sought to provide the
best value for its consumers by offering better call rates, reduced handset
prices, and better plans and options.
And as long as Fijians embrace these offers, Inkk Mobile will continue to
support, give back and be the “people’s champion”.
Congratulations Fiji Football on staging what will surely be another
Successful tournament.
And congratulations must also go to all the district
officials, players and of course, the fans, for their hard work thus far.
May every team do their best, and may the best team win.

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