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Tailevu North seek Re-Entry

Interim president, Hirday Lakhan says they have now fulfilled the condition set by Fiji FA which demoted TNFA to an associate member at the end of the 2012 season.#The requirements for TNFA were as follows; register players, registers clubs, get regular football activities in the district, audit the financial report and conduct the annual general meeting for the financial year 2012. #“To date Tailevu North has registered 375 players with more to come in the transfer window. TNFA now has seven clubs affiliated to our association with six participating in the regular league. A new club is in the process of joining Tailevu North and this will make a total of eight affiliated teams that will take us into the next soccer season,” Lakhan said. #“Our interim board has successfully concluded two knock out tournaments and has completed the first round of the Local League competition for this current season. The second round of the Local League is scheduled to complete this month. The AGM for the 2012 season has been held and the audited accounts presented and passed. We now have a properly elected board made up of strong character and talented members.”#“TNFA has applied for re-entry as a full affiliated Fiji FA member. We have provided all the necessary reports and we are hopeful Fiji FA will consider our request,” he added. #TNFA was relegated as an associate member in 2012, Fiji FA stated that the use of unregistered players, clubs and lack of football activities in the district were some of the reasons the national football body had to intervene. #Fiji FA vice president Yogeshwar Singh was tasked to look into the matter. He abolished the TNFA board and appointed an interim committee which was given two-months to set things right. #Unable to complete the task on time, TNFA failed to regain its place as an active member but the interim board was determined to work towards full affiliation. #“The interim Board generated a lot of interest and activities however were not able to complete all the tasks given to address during the two month period. Despite not achieving the entire task at the time, the football activities did blossom back in the district. The interim Board had invested a lot of time regaining the confidence of the players and the community,” Lakhan said. #“TNFA has successfully conducted the long pending AGM for 2012 and have an elected an board now that runs all the administrations affairs of the association. The one season served as a relegated member has not been of a good feeling neither an easy one for our district. We however realise and concede the shortfalls that our association had and thank Fiji Football Association for highlighting and helping us tidy the shortfalls. #We are now operating all football activities as that done by normal district associations. We have also set a strong platform for the new season and are confident of our talents on the field,” Lakhan concluded. #Fiji FA president Rajesh Patel has confirmed that the request will be presented at the next board and council meeting before a decision is made. #Levuka and Nalawa associations have also been relegated by Fiji FA. # Fiji FA MEDIA

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