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Below are the two squads:
1. Epeli CODRO (GK), 6. Jone VESIKULA (C), 2. Avinesh SUWAMY, 4.Marika MADIGI, 5. Ronil KUMAR, 7.Maciu DUNADAMU, 12.Remueru TEKIATE, 13.Kini VILIAME, 14.Peni FINAU, 15.Osea VAKATALESAU, 18. Laisenia NAIOKO
Substitutes 3.Meli CODRO, 8.Aisea CODRO, 9.Abbu ZAHID, 10.Mavileko NAKAMA, 11.Josefata NEIBULI, 19.Manasa NAWAKULA, 20.Shameel RAO, 22.Jone SOROLO (GK), 26.Epeli LAIROTI.
COACH: Yogendra DUTT (FJ)
20. Chickau MANSALE (GK), 4. Davide TALONE, 9.Esava NAQELECA, 10.Nikola VASILIC, 13.Francois SAKAMA, 16. Daneil NATOU, 17.Nelson KILIFA (C), 29.Dominique FRED, 30. Jack WETNEY, 31.Marko DORDEVIC, 34.Colin MARSHALL
Substitutes 1.Michel RUTHERFORD (GK), 8.Milan MATIC, 18.Robert TOM, 21.Paul YOUNG, 22.Fenedy MASAUVAKALO, 24.Kensi TANGIS, 25.Ilaitia TUILAU, 26.Silas NAMATAK, 35. Richard ANISUA
COACH : Nathan Hall (AUS)
Match Officials Referee-Kader ZITOUNI (TAH), AR1: Paul AHUPU (TAH), AR2: Philippe REVEL(TAH), 4th: Ravitesh BEHARI (FJ)

Match kicks off
1′ Amicale FC get a free kick
2′ Amicale striker Nikola Vasilic has his first attempt at the Ba goal. His shot goes wide
3′ Amicale fire another attempt . Ba goalie Epeli Codro was at the right spot to cancel any danger
4′ Vasilic heads a long cross which goes wide
5′ Amicale get another free kick. Ba manages to clear their line
6′ Vasilic gets another opportunity. He places a wide shot but Codro once again is on the right spot
8′ Ba attack the Amicale defence, Avinesh Swamy’s cross is not able to find a racing Vakatalesau
GOAL!!!!!!!! 10′ Ba scores the opening goal of the match. Maciu Dunadamu back heeled to Suwamy who raced inside the Amicale box and unleashed a powerful drive. BA 1 AMICALE 0
12′ Amicale get a free kick
12′ Vakatalesau clears from the edge of the goal line
13′ YELLOW CARD Ba’s Kini Viliame is cautioned by the referee for a foul on Davide Talone
14′ Maciu Dunadamu is not able to follow a cross as Mansale rushes to collect
15′ Ba get a corner. Laisenia Naioko fired a cross inside the Amicale box. The ball missed Dunadamu but defelcted a Amicale defender
16′ Dunadamu comes with a powerful drive which sails over the bar.
17′ Amicale get a corner
17′ Vakatalesau was brought down as he tried to clear. Free kick to Ba
18′ Another corner kick for Amicale
19′ Free kick to Ba
21′ Dunadamu pressures Mansale who just manages to clear
22′ Corner kick to Amicale FC
23′ YELLOW CARD Marko Dordevic is cautioned by the referee for handling the ball. The crowd is pleased with the decision.
24′ YELLOW CARD Marika Madigi of Ba is also cautioned in the next phase of play
26′ Amicale get a free kick. Esava Naqeleca takes a quick one but Ba defence is able to clear
27′ Ba get a free kick
27′ Talone is just able to clear as Dunadamu closed in.
28′ Amicale get a free kick as goal scorer Suwamy comes in with a strong challenge
30′ Ronil Kumar comes with a powerful drive which deflects a Amicale player. Ba get a corner and numerous attempts are fired at the Amicale goalie but he is able to withstand the pressure
32′ Jack Wetney tries a long range attempt. Codro cancels any danger
33′ Amicale skipper Kilifa is down . He receives treatment as he comes off the field
34′ He is back on the field
34′ Dominique Fred is unable to cross as Naioko clears the ball out
36′ Suwamy goes in a powerful drive which is shy of the roof of the net
38′ Fred is once again able to progress as Naioko is likely not leave him losse this afternoon.
39′ Dordevic is unable to find a clean header from a Amicale corner
Referee signals one minute of extra time
45+ Sakama comes in a powerful shot which goes straight in the hands of Ba goalie Codro
HALF TIME: Ba 1 Amicale 0

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