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Fiji FA clears Verevou,Dreloa

#Fiji FA president Mr Rajesh Patel says the decision follows a request made by the national team management.#“Fiji FA Board of Control discussed the issue during its meeting last month and it was resolved that since Fiji FA Arbitration Tribunal had already ruled that the player must pay the fine of $3360.00 before playing at any level of football, Verevou therefore was asked to pay his fine first.#“The board of control made a decision for Verevou to pay the fine and now when the fine is paid and with the request of the team management, the Fiji FA Board decided that his suspension be uplifted.”#The lifting of the match ban however, does not automatically qualify Verevou for a place in the squad.#“Verevou will have to go back to the Vodafone Fiji U-20 trials and prove himself, said Mr Patel.#The young star has also been cleared to play in this week’s Galaxy Premier League fixture for the Delta Tigers against Labasa.#Meanwhile, defender Jale Dreloa’s suspension has also been uplifted.#And as with Verevou, Mr Patel says Dreloa will need to prove his worth to be recalled into the Fiji U20s squad.#Dreloa who captained the Fiji U20s in their victorious FIFA World Cup qualifiers outing last year was suspended from all levels of football recently after failing to turn up for camp in Ba.#Avikash Chand#Fiji FA Media

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