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Fiji FA launches philosophy

“Equality and Unity through Football to Build a Better Fiji” is the new philosophy of Fiji FA.#The philosophy was inaugurated by Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy and Fiji Football Association president Rajesh Patel during a function in Vatuwaqa on Friday 13th November.#Patel said the Philosophy speaks a volume in terms of uniting Fiji and the Fijians. #“It is about Equality and Unity in our beautiful country through the power of football, “he said. #“The common phrase says that Sports is Nation Building and Fiji FA is contributing towards it to the greatest extent. #“Our Philosophy defines as to Why Fiji Football exists and at the same time the Philosophy describes who all Participates.#Patel said Fiji FA have 23 affiliated districts in domestic competition with Fiji Primary, Fiji Secondary , Fiji Coaches Association and Fiji Referees Association. Football today is played by an average of 30,000 players (Registered) from all age levels.#“Other stakeholders involvement to the sport makes about 1/4 of the country’s population who are directly or indirectly involved and committed to football, “he said.#“The Football family of Fiji comprises with different races, religions, colours, genders, young and old and around the different parts of Fiji .#“This brings Equality and Unity to Build a Better Fiji.Thus, football contributes a lot to the Nation Building process of Fiji.#Patel added that, the Values of Ministry of Education and Values of Fiji FA are basically linked to each other in terms of Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, Loyalty, Teamwork, Patriotism, Peace, Perseverance, Cooperation and Respect.#Together with the Fiji FA philosophy, Football Festival was also launched by Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts Mahendra Reddy and Fiji FA President Rajesh Patel.#Patel said our idea is to engage all races, religions, colour and gender through the power of football through the football festival and the best means of it is our children.#“This is part of the Holistic Development of a child as well, “said Patel.. #“It also enables all children to realize and appreciate their inheritance and Potential to succeed and contribute productively to a peaceful and sustainable Fiji. #Patel said the Festival program will now be spread to the other parts of Fiji. Together with the program, our Football Philosophy and its purpose will create awareness in the country as to why Fiji FA exists and what football contributes to the National Building of our beloved Fiji. #

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