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Sydney Dreketi scores first

AFFA secretary and Fiji FA liaison officer Bob Nair said Sydney Dreketi was formed three years ago and this was the first time they have won the tournament.#“The side is coached by former Ba and national rep Arif Azam and managed by Bhupesh Prasad of VPS Transport Solutions, “said Nair.#Nair said the victory has been sweeter because the team was formed by upcoming stars.#“Three players Adam Khan, Anish Narayan and Akram Hussain who represented Fiji national U17 team in 2010 played a major role in formation of the team.”#Nair said the Dreketi team also has former Navua markman Esala Ali,Nadroga rep Rohitendra Sharma (Pundit) and former U20 and Rewa goalkeeper Wasim Ali.#“Dreketi entered the finals of the tournament undefeated and did not conceded a single goal in the tournament,”he said.# #The Arif Azam coached side defeated Dreketi Nadroga 3-0 in semi-final toppled defending champions Sydney Ba 2-0 in the final.#“The team was captain by Edwin Jones and assisted by Kartik Singh. #“Jones received the 2015 Best Player Award while goalkeeper Ali was awarded the Golden Glove Award,”Nair said. #He added that a special celebration is been planned for players & families in next 2 weeks time.#

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