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Youth league ends Sunday

National League board secretary, Amitesh Pal confirms that a total of six teams will be in action this weekend to decide the youth champion of the 2013 season. #The youth league playoffs kicked off earlier this season in the Southern, Western and Northern zone. #“Rewa, Ba, Nadi and Labasa are the four teams which will be taking part in the Super Premier division U21 league while Rakiraki and Tailevu Naitasiri in the premier division,” Pal said. #Two teams were considered from the Western division. #“We had to consider two teams from the Western super premier division due to the number of teams participating. The Southern division had only three teams (Suva, Rewa, Navua) and North two (Labasa, #Savusavu) while Western had five (Ba, Nadroga, Nadi , Lautoka, Tavua). It was only fitting to allow two teams from the Western division,” Pal added. #The youth league kicks off this Friday and concludes on Sunday. The national league board secretary confirms they have opted for a league format. #“The four super premier teams will play a league format and team with highest number of points on Sunday will be declared the winner. A similar format will apply to the premier division matches between Tailevu Naitasiri and Rakiraki.” #“I would like to invite all to come and witness the youth football at its best,” Pal said. #Fiji Sun – G P Batteries National Youth League – Final Playoff#Saraswati Manoca, Nausori#Friday 06/09/13#Ground 1 #2pm Ba Youth vs. Nadi Youth #Ground 2 #2pm Rewa Youth vs. Labasa Youth#Saturday 07/09/13#Ground 1#12.00pm Rakiraki Youth vs. Tailevu Naitasiri Youth (Premier) #2.00pm Rewa Youth vs. Nadi Youth#Ground 2#2pm Ba Youth vs. Labasa Youth #Sunday 08/09/13#Ground 1 #12.00pm Tailevu Naitasiri Youth vs. Rakiraki Youth (Premier) #2.00pm Ba Youth vs. Rewa Youth#Ground 2 #2pm Labasa Youth vs. Nadi Youth#

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