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Referees panel Released

Six referees and 12 assistant referees are part of the of the eighteen-member panel.
Paresh Kishore, the Fiji Football Association referees director says the panel was selected after the fitness tests which were held around the country.
Experienced referees Rakesh Varman and women’s referee Finau Vulivuli lead the charge. Notable exclusion in the panel is FIFA referee Andrew Achari.
Ravitesh Behari and Salesh Chand who were part of the recent Oceania Champions’ League group stage have also made the cut.
FIFA assistant referees Rakesh Chandra and Avinesh Narayan are also expected to provide high standards especially after gaining exposure at the recent OFC events.
Five referee assessors have also been named for the two weekend event.
The group stages of the Vodafone Fiji FACT will be played from June 20-22 at Ratu Cakobau Park in Nausori. Knock out stage will be played at the same venue on June 28-29.

1] Rakesh Varman 2] Salesh Chand 3] Ravitesh Behari
4] Finau Vulivuli 5] Sunil Narayan 6] Amitesh Behari
1] Rakesh Chandra 2] Avinesh Narayan 3] Phul Singh
4] Ujwal Mudaliar 5] Jone Ravouvou 6] Yogneesh Nair
7] Aten Kumar 8] Eron Reddy 9] Ajesh Prasad
10] Nishil Varman 11] Veer Singh 12] Shivneel Karan
1] Balram Nair 2] Mahen Singh 3] Shalen Kumar 4] Moh’d Aiyub
5] Paresh Kishore

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