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We will get there, says Kumar

Kumar said there have been a lot said about our team’s performance during the championship.#”I must salute the coach and players who had the courage to take the challenge to be part of the team. They took up the role knowing there was a zero development done on futsal,” he said.#Kumar said there had been no futsal team for the last three years.#“Knowing that there had been no futsal for years these players and coach decided to take-up the challenge.”#The Fiji FA technical director has called on people to have patience as they work on their four-year development plan.#“We have plans to look into the development of futsal in the country which we have just started. The results were not in our favour and I would accept that and the main reason was because there was no development and they did not play in any international matches. For the future we have taken the initiative from last year where we have started the development right from our development centres.#”It is a four-year plan for the players who are in the development centres around the country. It is a four-year strategic plan and come after four years we will see a much-improved futsal team. Fiji FA altogether has 360 players in the centres but at the same time they are playing 11-a-side football as well.#”Today we have 12 development centres and this year it is going to increase to 20. We will be touching majority of the U15, U16 and U17 boys,” he added.#

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