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Vanuatu 1 – 1 Fiji

See below for all the play-by-play action.#Starting line-ups:#Vanuatu: 1. Charlie WAIVUI [GK], 2. Jaison THOMAS, 3. Goshen DONNA (c), 4. Elie MELTE ROSSI, 5. Remy KALSRAP, 10. Bong KALO, 11. Alex SANIEL, 12. Jacky RUBEN, 13. Justin KOKA, 14. Andre BULE, 16. Ruben FRANK#Substitutes: 6. Douglas PATRICK, 7. Etienne NAIEU, 8. Alphonse TOA, 9. Gregory ROUARD, 15. Andrew VANVA, 17. Kerry IAWAK, 18. Renold IWAI, 19. Joe NAKO, 20. Samuel LOLI [GK]#Coach: Etienne MERMER [VAN]#Fiji: 20. Misiwani NAIRUBE [GK], 2. Rupeni RABICI, 3. Joseva KOROI, 6. Maikeli KETEWAI, 8. Kelvin NAIDU, 9. Shalvin SHARMA, 10. Iosefo VEREVOU (c), 12. Prashant SHARMA, 13. Raees RAFIQ, 15. Seremaia KOROI, 17. Mataiasi TOMA#Substitutes: 1. Ratu YAVALA [GK], 4. Suliano TAWANANAKORO, 5. Iliesa SMITH, 7. Ravnit CHAND, 11. Vishwa SHARMA, 14. Anusheel SINGH, 16. Mohammed MOBEEN, 18. Jonetani BUKSH, 19. Sekove FINAU#Coach: Kamal SWAMY [FIJ]#Match officials:#Referee: Averii JACQUES [TAH]#Assistant Referee 1: Philippe REVEL [TAH]#Assistant Referee 2: Glen LOCHRIE [NZL]#4th Official: Isidore ASSIENE-AMBASSA [NCL]#The match kicks off#1′ Vanuatu play the ball out from the defence giving goalkeeper Charlie Waivui his first touch of the ball#3′ Some tricky ball work from Jacky Ruben sees Vanuatu launch an attack but the Fiji defence do enough to take possession#4′ Andre Bule sends the perfect cross to Alex Saniel who sends a sure thing flying high over the crossbar to the dismay of the Vanuatu crowd#7′ Ruben is fouled in the circle and Vanuatu take a quick free-kick but it goes long for a goal kick#8′ A ball over the Fiji defence finds Saniel who goes one-on-one with the keeper before sending his shot barrelling wide of the upright#10′ Ruben Frank dribbles into the box as Vanuatu go on attack, his shot is blocked but rebounds to Saniel but its an easy save for Fiji keeper Ratu Yavala#12′ Prashant Sharma heads clear a long ball and Fiji are back in possession#13′ Rupeni Rabici makes a massive save for Fiji as Justin Koka sends in a cross earning Vanuatu a corner#15′ YELLOW CARD: Vanuatu captain Goshen Donna is cautioned by referee Averii Jacques#17′ Joseva Koroi makes a tackle in the box to block Saniel from taking a shot#18′ Koroi leaves the field to recieve treatment but is waved back on shortly after#21′ Fiji have kept possession with a long series of passes, they send in a cross from the right wing and Rabici leaps high to take hold of it#23′ Raees Rafiq puts a great ball through to Seremaia Koro who doesn’t quite have the legs allowing Elie Melte Rossi to get back and clear it for Vanuatu#25′ Koka has two chances go astray as Vanuatu heap the pressure on the Fiji defence#27′ Bule sends a perfectly weighted pass to cut through Fiji’s defence but Saniel is just beaten to it by a Fiji defender#28′ Another chance for Vanuatu goes over the goal#30’Verevou crosses in for Fiji from the left flank and Jaison Thomas has to sprint back to make the clearance#32′ Vanuatu’s Thomas and Fiji’s Kelvin Naidu are both injured in a clash, Naidu leaves the pitch to receive treatment for a cut on his head while Thomas has to be stretchered off by medics#34′ A shot from Frank as play resumes is pushed clear of the goal mouth by Rabici#37’SUBSTITUTION: Kerry Iawak replaces the injured Jaison Thomas for Vanuatu#39′ Bong Kalo goes down for Vanuatu and is helped off the field#41′ Fiji are on attack and Iawak must scramble back to shut down Seremia Koroi. Kalo returns to the field of play#43′ Kalsrap steps up to take a free-kick in the dead centre of the Fiji half, he blasts it waist height at the goal and Rabici catches it#45′ There will be three minutes of additional time played#45′ + 1′ Franks steps behind a free-kick for Vanuatu in dangerous territory outstide the box but sends it straight into the wall#45′ + 2′ Iawak with a chance but the ball is just wide#The first half comes to an end#46′ Ruben gets a nudge in the back near touch earning a free kick for Vanuatu#50′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 0-1 Fiji Rafiq sends in a nicely weighted free kick from deep in the right corner which Verevou heads down between Waivui and the post into the back of the net#55′ The crowd is rallying behind the home side as they push for an equaliser#57′ Verevou is caught offside as Fiji break on a counter attack and Vanuatu are back in possession#58′ SUBSTITUTION: Gregory Rouard replaces Andre Bule for Vanuatu#62′ Ruben heads the ball down but with too much power sending it bouncing over the top#59′ Rouard’s first touch off the bench is a shot that rebounds off the crossbar and back into play#60′ Vanuatu push everyone into the box for a corner but Rabici is able to catch the ball despite the crowd#61′ SUBSTITUTION: Fiji brings Vishwa Sharma on in place of Seremaia Koroi#63’SUBSTITUTION: Another substitution for Fiji as Ravnit Chand comes on in place of Joseva Koroi#64′ YELLOW CARD: Rafiq is cautioned for Fiji#66′ Under pressure from Chand, Donna is forced to head it back to his keeper who comes well off his line to prevent another opportunity for Fiji#68′ Rouard sends in a shot from the top of the box and once again it goes over for Vanuatu#70′ Verevou drops deep into the Fiji defence as Vanuatu step up the pressure#72′ YELLOW CARD Kelvin Naidu receives a caution#73′ Another chance goes astray for Vanuatu as the ball fails to drop in their favour giving Rabici time to get back into position for the save#73′ YELLOW CARD Jacky Ruben is cautioned for Vanuatu#73’SUBSTITUTION: Bong Kalo makes way for Alphonse Toa for Vanuatu#75’SUBSTITUTION: Fiji take Prashant Sharma off in place of Jonetani Buksh#76′ Vanuatu have an indirect free kick inside the penalty area after Fiji’s keeper double handles the ball.#78′ Frank steps up but curls the ball over both the Fiji wall and the goal#80′ Ruben is down after coming off worse in a 50/50 clash with a Fijian defender but is able to return to the field shortly after#83′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 1 Fiji 1Remy Kalsrap equalises for Vanuatu with a tap in#84’YELLOW CARD: Kalsrap is cautioned for his celebrations#85′ The crowd are back on their feet as Frank steps behind a free kick in very dangerous territory#86′ Frank curls it over the goal and Vanuatu continue to put pressure on Fiji as they chase a win for the home supporters#88′ Vishwa Sharma sends a cross-shot in and Waivui sees it out across the goal line#90′ There will be four minutes of additional time played#90′ + 1′ Donna sends a low shot in from the middle of the Fiji half but it’s not powerful enough allowing Rabici to pick it up easily#90′ +2 ‘ Verevou requires treatment and Jacques signals for a stretcher but Verevou is able to move off to the side on his own#90′ + 3’ Verevou is back on and making trouble for the Vanuatu defence#The referee blows the final whistle#

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