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Patel happy with Rio qualification

“This is the second time in history where we have qualified for another world event- first was the Under-20 World Cup and now we are going to the 2016 Rio Olympics,” he said.#“The players have made us proud. First it was our Under-20 team and now it’s the Under-23 side who have qualified to the Olympic Games”, said Patel.#Patel added that this is result of Fiji FA’s development works.#“This is what we have been telling our soccer fans. This is the result of the development works that were carried out. This is the future of Fiji football and critics can say what they want but the results are showing and this is what we have been talking about.”#Patel confirmed the promised reward of $50, 000 would be given to the team as they have qualified for the Rio Olympics.#“This is something that boys will be rewarded with as they have achieved it and I’m very proud of them.”#He thanked the players and team officials for their hard work and commitment to the task.#Similar sentiments were echoed by Fiji FA CEO Bob Kumar.#“This is the first time ever for the Fiji football team to qualify for the Olympics, we are very pleased and this is the evidence of all the development works that were carried out,” said Kumar.#“People are saying Fiji FA is not doing any development works but the results of the development works do not come overnight as it takes time. We have been developing players and now we are getting the results of our development programme.”#Kumar said preparation would soon start and they would make every effort to prepare the team well for the Rio Olympics.#Fiji FA technical director Ravinesh Kumar has also congratulated the players and officials.#“Thank you for bringing joy to our nation. This is another milestone for Fiji, as in one year we have qualified for two world events.# I urge the people to support the team as they did for the Under-20 side. Once again they will be flying the Fijian flag at the Rio Olympics and without the support of the nation this will not be possible,” he added.#

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