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Fiji FA boss confident of successful B.O.G.

Patel said they had a very successful Fiji FACT 2016 in Labasa and this would be their second major tournament that we are embarking on.#“I know the teams are preparing well and this will be again hard to predict on who will win the tournament,” he said.#Patel said every team is competitive and the 90-minute football that they have brought in is paying dividends.#“This is what we said to the districts you will benefit from it, the nation benefit from it and football at large benefits from it. The group stages will be played at Ratu Cakobau Park while the venues of the semi-finals and final will be decided after the teams are decided for the top four.”#He said the reason for the two weekends of competition is to allow fans and the districts to watch and enjoy the game. #“The fans will have the opportunity to watch their teams play in the semi-final and final and also the districts get a relief from the three days of 90-minute football.”#Patel said this also helps financially and also the fans get the best opportunity to watch the display of skills and constructive football. #The INKK Mobile Battle of Giants pool matches will be played from August 26-28 in Nausori.#

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