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Development works now underway

Fiji FA technical director Ravinesh Kumar said the two-competition in the Southern and Northern division were a success and they are looking forward to the Western meet as well.#Kumar said a total of four teams took part from the development centre in the U14 competition and four teams from the Center of Excellence for the U16 competition.#“For the development centre we had two teams that came from Savusavu, one team from Batinikama and one team from Holy family Primary School in Labasa, where they all came for the U14 competition,” said Kumar#“We had four teams from our Centre of Excellence, one from Nadogo, one from Bua , one from Labasa and one team from Seaqaqa who were part of the competition”, said Kumar#He said the main objective of the competition was to identify and develop the elite players.#“These players who came through the development programme from the different centres, now they have played in the competitions and the coaches have identified the elite the players and also what is needed to further develop them.#“The coaches will now design the age and the appropriate training for those players who have been identified and it is very important to know what, where and how to improve those players.# #“This is what the coaches have identified during the competition and the technical department have already discussed and advised the coaches from the centres the type of training they should be taking and what are the improvements that need to be done in the centres”, he added#“From the centres we have now selected a squad from each division that is the U14 and U16 teams.”#

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