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Rodu tells of his love for Rewa

The national karate champion shared with the guests and officials the reason he is so attached to Rewa.
“Most of you only know me through football and karate, “he said.
Rodu said he used to stay just beside Ratu Cakobau Park and whenever there was a tournament he used their compound as a car park and that was here he collected his money.
“I was not interested in football but in collecting money,” the former national rep said.
“Whenever there used to be a tournament here I used to see Rewa fans going home disappointed.
“The fans used to tell me that Rewa is not winning so from that day I told myself that when I grow up I will do my best for Rewa.”
The humble coach thanked the players and officials for brining joy to the district.
“My team only succeeded because the team behind them. That is our families, wives, dads, mums, the club delegations, schools and most importantly the team management and people involved to contribute towards the players welfare.”
Rodu also went to thank the Rewa FA officials for having faith in him.

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