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More knowledge for women’s Administrators

Around 20 participants from all over the country, representing the various women’s football associations, attended the five-day course which aimed at improving administration and management of football.#Nicola Demaine, OFC Grassroots and Women’s Football Development Officer, conducted the course which concluded on Monday.#”The main objective was to upskill the people who have come on the course,” she says.#”The course is geared towards helping them understand the role of administrators and managers of the game, rather than coaches. They can go back home with some tools that they can use to keep on with what they are doing – but maybe do it more efficiently.”#With this season’s facelift of the Fiji FA Rooster Women’s League and various other development programmes on the go, the rise of the women’s code in Fiji appears to be heading in the right direction.#”The participants should hopefully gain more understanding of the process from Fiji Football Association in terms of registrations and transfers,” she says.#”They should also get some idea of how they can grow the game in their region to get more women and girls playing and some resources on how they can go out and get some more funding to support their football activities.#”The course will grow with what we have done here with the participants and soon we will see that potential that Fiji has to be one of the leaders in women’s football, coming to the forefront.”#Demaine believes those present on the course are the kinds of passionate people who can be key to driving any association forward.#”They are doing really well, they are passionate people, volunteers who put their hands up and do stuff in women’s football.#”They are the organisers, the coaches and some of them play. The first step is to get the passionate people onboard.”#Fiji FA women’s football director Susan Wise thanked OFC and Demaine for the assistance which she believes will add further strength to the women’s football campaign in Fiji.#The OFC Women’s Football Development Course was held at Fiji FA headquarters in Suva from 25-29 September.# Fiji FA MEDIA #

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