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More knowledge for local coaches

OFC head of education and training programme, Didier Chambaron conducted the week-long course. #“This C License course offers coaches with more knowledge in terms of tactic, techniques to perform at the highest level of competition. We have introduced the principals of the game, game understanding and I hope #the coaches will go back and practice which will make them better,” Chambaron said. #“Football is changing and we need coaches with new ideas to produce better players which will mean a better national team,” he said. #Chambaron thanked the participants and Fiji FA. #“The participants did very well as they were a group which were very keen to learn. I would like to thank the Fiji FA technical department for bringing together a keen set of coaches who want to learn more,” he said. #The OFC head of education and training programme said that the participants needed to be active in their coaching to be accredited with the C Licence certificate. #Fiji FA National coaching director Juan Carlos Buzzetti says the development of local coaches is a major part of their programme. #He applauded the effort of the participants and believes their contribution in the upcoming junior leagues will be vital. #“We also had a course last year and one this year. This is our main priority as we will be starting the U13 and U15 league soon and coaches will have responsibility in their district as we need to go to the next level,” #Buzzetti said. # Fiji FA MEDIA # #

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