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Father Hopes Son’s Dream Becomes Reality

Loaloa who accompanied his son from the old capital said his son’s interest in football stemmed from his rugby games.#‘My son used to play rugby but he was injured so he was out of rugby. I was requested by the coach of Levuka Primary School team to send my son for the IDC.#“I stopped him from playing rugby after his injury but little I knew that he will start playing soccer.#“I never thought my son will ever be playing soccer because all the time he has interest in rugby,” a tear full dad said.#“We were surprised when we were told that my son has been selected to attend the trials to represent the South U14 team.#“My son was the last person to be registered to play soccer for the Levuka Primary team and we are happy that he has been selected for the trials,” he said.#The Levuka Public School manager said:” I think every parent should support their children in any way they can.”#“When we were told that he was going to attend the trials my wife bought new boots which costed us $160.00 and then I companied him to support him.#“I hope he does best his best and be part of the squad.#Meanwhile Loaloa was surprised to see the football facilities in Suva.#“I have been following rugby but I think this is the right path for Fiji Football Association in term of development.#“This is my first time to come here and I think Fiji Football has the best facilities for its players.#He added that all sporting bodies should look at the way Fiji FA is administered and going with their programme in developing players.#“I think Fiji FA is doing well in term of development as I have been hearing that they have established so many development centers around the country and doing grassroots development.#“That is the way forward and years to come we will see more Fiji football team playing in the World Cups.”#

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