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Rewa football chief hails unsung heroes

President Nazeel Buksh said they gave fans last Saturday the chance to meet and greet the players but we would host and reward them for their hard work.#“The players will share the $15,000 prizemoney,” he said.#Buksh said he would like to thank everyone who supported them during the recent Inkk Mobile B.O.G.#“I thank everyone and with help of the Almighty we did wonders,” he said. #“We not only won the Cup but we certainly won many hearts for the courageous performance shown by the young players with the support from senior players like LorimaDau, Peniame Drova, UsaiaTadu and Simione Tamanisau. #“I have no words to say about coach, Marika Rodu Tavanavanua,” he said.#“He was the tower of strength and inspiration to all of us and I can say he has a long way to go in his coaching career and Rewa FA is lucky to have someone of his caliber.”#Buksh added that he has the best people in his management team where they look after the players and their needs as well. #“I would like to thank Mohinesh Prasad, Lawrence Nath and Vikash Prasad. You three did wonders not just in the B.O.G but ever since you guys joined Rewa FA. To all the players and especially their families, a big thank you from me. #“We all worked as a family and today whole of Fiji have seen our success. More importantly it’s just a start to what we can achieve if we all stick together and help each other in time of need. #“My family and my friends really stood beside me and believed in me and with help of everyone we manage to groom a team together which every Rewan is proud off.” #Buksh also acknowledged Rewa youth coach Nigel Khan.#“I won’t do justice if I don’t mention Nigel Khan’s name because of his efforts and sacrifice are doing wonders for Rewa today. Our future is set with Khan’s hard work and be assured it’s not going unnoticed. #A#lso big thank you to two most important people as they are former presidents, Faiaz Ali and Pranil Singh. #Faiaz Ali introduced me to football administration while Pranil helped me out in everything that I did. #I together with these two gentlemen have held this trophy six times in total and hope this partnership of ours continues for a long time.”#

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