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Fiji 2 New Caledonia 0 is pleased to be bringing you live updates of the match, please refresh your browser for the latest action.#Download match summary here. #For further updates visit us on Twitter @OFCfootball or watch the game live via our YouTube account here. #Starting lineups:#Fiji #FIJ: 1. Nairube MISIWANI [GK], 2. Praneel NAIDU, 3. Ganish PRASAD, 4. Jale DRELOA (C), 5.Antonio TIVUNI, 6. Mohammed KHAN, 7. Nickel CHAND, 9.Samuela NAIBENIA, 10. Junior RAO, 15. Saula WAQA,17. Kolinio SIVOKI, # Substitutes 8. Setareki HUGHES, 11. Josefa KOROI, 12. Ratu Tevita WARANAIVALU, 13. Mataisi TOMA, 14. Ravnit Shelvin CHAND,16.Jonetana BUKSH, 18. Al-Taaf Mansoor SAHIB, 19. Ashnil RAJU 20. Shaneel NAIDU [GK] #Coach: Ravinesh KUMAR [FIJ]#New Caledonia #NCL: 1. Yoran WAIMA [GK], 2. Brandon MEAOU, 3. Jordy KAUSUO, 4. Pierre KAUMA, 5. Theo JALABERT, 6. Jorys LALIE, 8. Mickael PARTODIKROMO, 10. Joseph ATHALE, 11. Valentin NYKEINE, 12. Didier SIMANE, 18. Marion WARU#Substitutes9. Raphael OIREMOIN,13. Eugene SAKILIA, 14. Frederic NEMIA, 15. Johan IDRELE, 16. Jacky WETEWEA, 17. Jacky WEINANE, 20. Thomas SCHMIDT [GK], 21. Josue WATHIEPEL#Coach: Kamali FITIALEATA [NCL]#Referee: Robinson BANGA [VAN]#Assistant Referee 1: Jeremy GARAE [VAN]#Assistant Referee 2: Terry PIRI [COK]#4th Official: Bruce GEORGE [VAN]#The match kicks off #1′ Fiji apply early pressure but New Caledoni defenders clear #2′ Free kick to Fiji. Mickael Partodikromo fouls Garish Prasad #3′ Narendra Rao steps up to take the free kick. He targets the goal only to be denied by the waiting gloves of Yoran Waima#4′ Saula Waqa caught off-side#5′ Fiji win a corner. Nickel Chand tries to get around the New Caledonia defender who forces it out #6′ No danger as New Caledonia clears#7′ Free kick to New Caledonia#8′ Corner to Fiji #8′ Praneel Naidu swings the corner kick into the New Caledonia box. Tony Tuivuna’s header goes wide#9′ Partodikromo fires a shot at goal. Fiji goalie Misiwini Nairube dives for a desparate save#12′ Tuivuna fouls Didier Simane as New Caledonia is awarded a free kick#13’Valentin Nyikeine follows a cross. Kolonio Sivoki rushes in to clear#13′ Partodikromo cuts inside and has another go at goal. Not enough power as no Fiji keeper stops with ease#14′ New Caledonia get a free kick#16′ Naidu comes with a long range attempt which travels staright in the hands of Waima#17′ Good phase of play by New Caledonia#19′ Waqa’s header goes over the bar#22′ Fiji caught off-side#24′ Tuivuna hoists the ball inside the New Caledonia box. Waqa rushes in but he is off -side#25′ Samuela Nabenia slides a pass to Waqa who cuts for a attempt which goes wide#26′ New Caledonia get a free kick. The free kick is well out of range as goal kick to Fiji#27′ Narendra Rao lobs a cross inside the New Caledonia box. Nabenia and Waima rush but both miss the ball #29′ Fiji is opting to play long balls as Naidu sailed a long cross . Waqa is able to get a header but no danger#30′ Joseph Athale beats a Fiji defender and sends a long cross which sees off the face of goal#31′ YELLOW CARD Nyikeine is cautioned#32′ Tuivuna hits a wide shot as assistant lifts the off-side flag#33′ Nabenia follows a cross but Pierre Kauma maintains his line#34′ Free kick to Fiji#35′ Waima makes a crucial save as Fiji get a corner#36′ Nyikeine comes around with another cross but it is cleared #38′ Athale does well to slips a pass Nyikeine who is not able to get a foot to ball and comes down heavily. #39′ He is out of field receiving treatment#40′ Both sides search for the opening goal as half time looms. He is back on the field#41′ Fiji get a free kick#42′ Tuivuna’s header is over the bar#43′ Nabenia enters the New Caledonia box and cuts out to take a shot but is blocked by Kauma as Fiji get a corner#44′ Corner is taken by Mohammed Khan. He swings the corner but Waima races to tap out the ball#45′ No added time signalled by the fourth official #Referee signals for half time: Fiji 0 New Caledonia 0 #Second half underway #46′ Free kick to New Caledonia #47′ GOAL!!!!! Samuela Nabenia scores the opening goal of the match. Waqa’s header and poor marking by the New Caledonia defenders saw Nabenia and slot a cruical goal. Fiji 1 New Caledonia 0 #48′ New Caledonia get a corner#49′ Fiji caught off side#50′ Naidu intercepts a pss and sends a cross to Waqa who is not able to follow#51′ Jale Dreloa cuts out a New Caledonia attack#52′ Dreloa accidently passes to Partodikromo who comes in with a powerful drive which defelcts a Fiji player. New Caledonia get a corner#53′ No danger as Fiji clears their line#54’New Caledonia caught off side#56′ Waqa overuns the ball ,Waima comes out of this line and shows a bit of his dribble skills before clearing#57′ Free kick to Fiji #58′ Nabenia is not able to have a clean attempt at goal as New Caledonia defenders crowd their box#59′ Match has stopped for a while as Dreloa is down injured #60′ Dreloa leaves the field for treatment#61′ Free kick to New Caledonia#62′ Dreloa back on the field#63′ Referee has awarded Fiji a penalty . Waqa was brought down in the box #64′ Tuivuna steps up to take the penalty#64′ Substitution-Fiji Dreloa is replaced by Mataasi Toma #65′ GOAL!!!!!!! Tuivuna makes no mistake as he doubles the scoreline. Fiji 2 New Caledoni 0 #67′ Yellow Card Marion Doui Waru is cautioned #68′ Fiji get a corner#70′ Yellow Card- Fiji Toma is cautioned#70′ Yellow Card -New Caledonia Waima is cautioned. #71′ Free kick to New Caledonia#73′ Corner kick to Fiji #73′ Waima comes out to tap the ball out. Partodikromo finds possesion and races with the ball. He attempts a long range shot but Fiji clears#74′ Waqa caught off side#75′ Substitution -Fiji Waqa is replaced by Ashnil Raju #76′ Substitution- New Caledonia Josue Wathiepel replaces Didier Simane#77′ Fiji warned by referee on time wasting#78′ Fiji get free kick#79′ YELLOW CARD Jordy Kausuo is booked for a foul on Praneel Naidu. Fiji get a free kick#80′ Fiji attack the New Caledonia goal but Waima denies them#80′ New Caledonia get a corner#81′ Substitution- New Caledonia Kausuo is replaced by Eugene Sakilia#82′ Fiji get a free kick#83′ Substitution- Fiji Nickel Chand is replaced by Setareki Hughes#84′ New Caledonia get a free kick. They take a quick one#85′ Nothing seem to be working for New Caledonia. Josue Wathiepel while on attack carries the ball out #86′ Substitution-New Caledonia Jacky #Wetewea comes off the bench for Partodikromo#87′ New Caledonia get a corner kick#88′ Hughes comes in a with a shot. Lacked power as Waima dives to save#89′ Wathiepel cuts in and attempts at goal. His shot travels wide#90′ Fourth Official signals four minutes of added time#90+ 1 New Caledonia get a corner#90+3 Athale cuts around the Fiji defenders and fires a shot which sails wide#90+4 Referee blows the final whistle# Full Time: Fiji 2 New Caledonia 0 #

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