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Farina reveals future plans

“We will be having a playing philosophy soon in terms of our playing structure, playing style, what brand of football we want to play and how we want to play,” he said.#“This will be revealed later on. We have the football philosophy of Fiji Football which is “Equality and Unity Through Football to Build a Better Fiji” so we want to have a philosophy so that we can know which style of football we play.#“We have to know what style of football we play, what structure of football we play and what brand of football we play so we have to have a football philosophy.#“If we have that philosophy of how we want to play and we have to have a vision on how to achieve it.” #Farina said these coaches are developing players in terms of their skills, techniques and now we want them to play with the philosophy we got.#“We need good players. We need players who can play in tough situations, players who are good passes of the ball, players who can read games well so it starts here.#“These coaches can develop young players eventually help in fulfill the philosophy of football which we want to play.”#

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