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Dream comes true

As one may call it as a coincident or the destiny but for the PEMAC school teacher it is a dream cone true with the green machine in the first tournament of the season.
Colour green is one that was lucky for Swamy as this was revealed by his mother when he was mentoring Suva football side few years ago.
“My mother once told me that colour green is my lucky colour and since then I started wearing green on the special occasions and my mother’s spoken word came true with I own my first tournament with Nadi locally,” Swamy said.
Swamy said the hard work and dedication was the secret behind the success of his team.
“It is the players who have won the tournament for the people of Nadi. We had two sessions of training daily and there were strict diet control on the players, they ate what we gave them and it really showed in the tournament. Then we changed our system of play with formations and the boys listened to my instructions very well, we trained till the last minute with our set pieces and trained a lot.
Nadi’s Rusiate Matarerega scored one of the brilliant free kicks in the semifinal against Suva which helped the green machine to qualify for the final. Matarerega before taking the free kick communicated with his coach Swamy and both communicating with the fingers and Swamy gave instruction from the side line as the ball curled in the net hitting the goal post on the way.
When asked about the magic behind the communication with the fingers then Swamy said they would not reveal their game plan as two more tournaments are coming up this year but did revealed that their president Navneeda Goundar friendliness with the players was the major boost.
“Our president Navneeda Goundar always treats the boys well and like a friend who helps them if they have any problems but for me I am very strict with them during training or after the training as they would never joke during the training as I mean business,” the winning coach said.
Swamy has a vast amount of experience when it comes to coaching as he has coached Suva, Tavua and the Fiji national under 17 side says it is upon the boys if they are to play in the OFC Champions League as currently Nadi leads the Fiji Sun/GP Batteries National Football League standing with 31 points.
“It is totally on the boys how they play in the remaining national football league matches and the matters the most if Nadi is to play in the Champions League but we want to do well in the remaining matches which we have in the coming days,”
Swamy is calling on the fans to keep supporting the team no matter if the side wins or loses as at the end of the day it is their team.
Nadi will host Rewa at Prince Charles Park in Nadi on Sunday at 3pm.
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