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Hirday Resigns

In promoting the district as a full Fiji Football Association member after being relegated in 2012, Lakhan says this was his biggest victory.
“I resigned as my offer to those I spoke to when joining Northland FA in March 2013 was that my job will be to return our district to full membership with the Fiji FA,”Lakhan said.
“I saw that no one was actually doing anything to return the district to full membership and I knew it had to be me to do it. I was confident all along that the job can be done. When taking up the position, honestly, I thought the job will take only two months but looking at the size of the shortfalls and the need to meet requirements of the Fiji FA the whole job took us to IDC 2013 when we were taken back as full members.”
Lakhan says he had decided to resign last October.
“I should have resigned than but then there was a major change in the Fiji FA annual soccer calendar so I had to stay back and be part of the change thus my stay continued till now.
In reality I overstayed for three months and did not mind any minute of it. No regrets I still have that spirit that one can take me out of Northland Tailevu but no one can take away
Northland out of me,” he said.
Lakhan wished the Northland Tailevu North officials well as he embarks on a new journey.
Northland Tailevu is yet to play a match in the Fiji Sun/Skipper Tuna Premier division Viti Levu zone.
Hirday’s Achievement
1) Re-entered the Fiji FA family and brought the soccer enthusiasts in Northland together
2) Compiled a register of players to some 350 compared to just 100 when we took over
3) Name change to Northland Tailevu which is only a proper name and more acceptable
4) Changed the uniform to green and gold which is true Tailevu colours.
5) Introduced Team Logo reflecting the area we belong to
6) Convinced local players that they have that potential to be that star player like anyone one else
7) Brought in the discipline of training and team building

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