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Navua Coach Aims For Top Spot

Vetran Pranil Chand scored a hat trick in the match giving Navua much-needed win.
Kumar scored the first goal for Navua in the fourth minute but they could not maintain their lead as Tailevu/Naitasiri equalised Rohnil Ram as they settle for 1-1 draw at the interval.
Tailevu Naitasiri goalkeeper Ilimeki Nakavu was sent off in the second half for a dangerous foul which gave Seveci Rokotakala captained-side an advantage.
Navua shut out Tailevu/Naitasiri in the second spell as Kumar scored another two goals before Iliavi Katonibau scored the fourth goal to seal the win, 4-1.
Tailevu Naitasiri coach Elvis Gounder said discipline let the team down.
“The players did not played according to the game plan we set, if they want to win games they need to turn up for training and work hard.”
Navua coach Mohammed Shafil said the win was important if they are to remain in a good position at the end of round one.
“This is just what we needed and I think all our hard work and eagerness to win was showcased in the field today,” Shafil said.
“I am happy with the performance and the players played according to our game plan and really put their bodies on the line to pull away a big win.
“There were some areas where they lacked and could have done better but overall I am proud of the boys and extremely happy with the win.
“This puts us in a better position on the table and the race is on now to compete for that top spot.
“We need to, however, work on our fitness, that is one area I think has let us down sometimes especially towards the end of the game.”

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