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Dreketi remains hopeful

The Northern playoffs start this Friday at Subrail Park in Labasa.
Ami Chand, the Dreketi Football Association president said his side has not been training for the competition.
“Our team has not been training for the competition as the players have had other commitments to fulfill. We are very busy harvesting rice at this time and the players have been occupied.
Despite all these commitments at the end of the day we are coming in confident of doing well,” Chand said.
Unlike the past seasons, the Northern playoffs will this year be played 90 minutes.
“I have full confidence in the players to do well and playing 90 minutes match won’t be a problem for my boys, we have played 90 minutes match in the past,” he said.
Dreketi faces Taveuni on Friday 7.30pm at Subrail Park in Labasa.
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