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Farina impressed on tour

Fiji Olympic football coach Frank Farina is pleased with the team’s performance in the past three friendly matches saying they have vastly improved.
Fiji lost their first match against Levante United 2-0, drew against Hercules FC 1-1 and also drew 2-2 against CF Cracks.
“The last three games have been positive. It’s always difficult to come and play against a different style of football, a different culture of football, there’s been good teams that we were playing. We’ve improved from the first game to the second game.”
He added that the team is slowly starting to jell well as they seek to identify with his laid plans.
“I feel that we have improved as a team in terms of what we are trying to do, in terms of our playing structure and our playing styles,” he said.
He added that despite the change in climate the team is well prepared and adapting to the changes.
“We prepared well in terms of equipment that we would bring here. We are sort of in the South of Spain, it’s not as cold as in the north. The equipment we have is sufficient and we can always get better but we are playing early games so that the weather doesn’t really come into it.
The third game is the one it will be a bit colder but at this stage the equipment we have is good enough,” he said.
Farina is also pleased with the captaincy of defender Alvin Singh and is impressed with his performance.
Fiji scored three goals on tour with Singh securing the equaliser against FC Cracks on Thursday evening.
“Alvin Singh has been outstanding, he’s played all games, and he’s was god in all the games but I expect that from Alvin, he is one of the more experienced players.
“He has played overseas before so he has been very good,” he said.
Farina said there were scouts at the games and would be approached if they were inclined to rope in someone.
“No one has spoken to me but definitely there have been scouts and people looking at team play but I haven’t spoken to any of them which is normal.
“They will come and watch the game if something will come up later on, I am sure they will contact us but there’s definitely scouts watching the games,” he said.
Fiji plays Villarreal Youth on Tuesday at 11am.