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Abbu aims Rio squad

The Ba football striker scored two goal against CF Cracks in their 2-2 draw last Thursday in Valencia, Spain.#Zahid said he was constantly learning new things every day and aims to be selected one of the three seniors players in the squad.#“It is great here, we are getting used to the weather and the way of living over here, we have played a few great games and we are learning a lot from these games,” Zahid said.#“We are just taking it a game at a time because one thing is for sure is that we will get better. We know how important this year is for us.#“I’m definitely looking forward to the next game and if the coach gives me a chance to play, I will do my best to score more goals for Fiji.#“It is tough here because these teams are more professional and we are trying to lift our standards to match theirs and learn more from them.#“I really want to improve and gain as much experience as I can and learn how the game of soccer is played in a modern football country.#“My family has been there with me throughout my football career and supported me in all my games and whatever I want to do in life, they are always there.#“I feel so proud that I have scored a goal against a professional team such as CF Cracks in Spain that has to be the proudest moment for me.”#Meanwhile, team doctor Ronald Kumar said the coaching staff were surprised by the players’ ability to adapt to quickly to the weather and new environment.#“The boys are doing quite well, we didn’t expect them to cope and adapt quickly to the time difference and the weather,” Kumar said.#“We have been taking their weights daily and they are maintaining it and one thing that has kept them going is their diet which has been really good.#“The training sessions are just right for them, and it’s been a good seven days.#“The biggest thing now for the boys is to look after themselves because Rio is going to be a big outing for these boys.”#The Vodafone Fijian U23 plays their next game against Villarreal Youth on Tuesday at 10 pm (FT).#

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