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Healthy living with football

The festival will feature a station format at which Just Play session and mini-matches will be delivered among the children who will be participating in the two-day event.
The Just Play manager Lavenia Yalovi said the purpose of the festival is to promote healthy living with the children.
“The purpose of the festival is to promote Just Play and on hand washing wellness, healthy living for children and for children to protect themself”, said Yalovi
She said they are planning to run a programme for about 150 children on those two days from 1 to 3pm and would be a walk-in registration
“We are going to open our work in registration for the children to 1pm so the first 50 children who walk in to register we can accommodate them”, she said.
It is understood that a healthy living expertise from the US will be part of the programme.
Also former United State national man’s team player Cobi Jones together with former US national women’s goal keeper Tracy Noonan will be joining the two sessions with the children to encourage and actively participate in all activities and to be part of the two day festival.
The objectives for the Just Play development programme are to increase healthier lifestyle choices and to reduce and to reduce risk factor associated with NCDs.
Just Play programme also promote the gender equality and change perceptions towards women and girls and to create opportunities and pathway to promote empowerment among women and girls together with to increase understanding of child protection issues and to [promote safe/protective environments in communities.
The programme also aims to increase opportunities and encourage social inclusion of person with special needs to promote a change of perception towards person with special needs in the wider community.

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