Nadi gears up for City

Ba played their opening match yesterday and recorded a 2-0 victory over AS Magenta.
Nadi take on defending champions Auckland City and is seeded in Group B alongside Amicale FC and AS Dragon.
Despite being seeded in a tough group Nadi coach Kamal Swamy is not ready to throw the towel just yet.
He says like any other side Nadi is also aiming to qualify for the semifinals of the 2014 Oceania Champions League.
“AS Dragon, Amicale and Auckland City are all tough and seeded teams. But for Nadi there is no harm in trying,” Nadi coach Kamal Swamy said.
“I urge the fans of Nadi to come out in numbers and support the side,” he added.
Two matches will be played at Churchill Park in Lautoka today. In the first match Amicale FC takes on AS Dragon, 1pm.
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