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Yusuf Urges Coaches To Be Motivated

The Fiji Football Association chief executive officer Mohammed Yusuf has urged the coaches who are participating in the five-day FIFA Domestic Youth League Coaching Course to stay motivated and disciplined at the opening ceremony of the course at Fiji FA Headquaters in Vatuwaqa..

Yusuf told the coaches they have a responsibility to further develop grassroots football in the country.

“Coaches are like teachers on the field. It is important that you maintain discipline – not only for yourself but also your teams and players,” he said.

“You need to be a good example to the players. Don’t teach them they should take revenge for a mistimed tackle. It is also important you, and your players, discipline yourselves to eat well and have enough rest.

“This course should not be the end of the road. There are many other ladders you all can and I hope some of you will take up coaching as a career.

“Do your best to develop football, especially at the grassroots level as that is where we can find young, new talent who can one day represent the country.

“Football in Fiji is slowly developing day by day, and Fiji FA – with the help of FIFA and OFC (Oceania Football Confederation) – will continue to organise such courses so Fiji can compete well at the regional and international stage.

Yusuf said with you coaches participation would improve football in the country as we had set up a philosophy.

With the sport constantly evolving, Yusuf said it was important coaches keep up to date with the latest training methods and tactics.

“There are many changes going on in football now,” explained Yusuf.

“The game is faster and more compact, so the players have to think faster and do things faster.

“For this to happen, the coaches have to change the training sessions and their methodology – which is what I hope to achieve through this course,” he added.

Fiji FA Technical Director Ravinesh Kumar who is also an instructor in the week long course told the participants that this course would assist them a lot in their progress.

“This course will assist you a lot in your progress as coaches which is running at present like those who are now coaching at youth level and senior level, “Kumar said.

Kumar said they needed to change our mind set now, the style of play and brand of football.

“We should stop playing the direct kicking ball and adopt the new style of play and this could be done by you coaches with the grassroots development.”

“You are the ones who will start this campaign with the other officials of Fiji FA and the other coaches together with technical department and the technical department of OFC we start this new campaign which is possession based football.”

“We will work more in the playing style of football and the coaching philosophy during the week and get your mind set change from now, “Kumar said.

‘I know there are some former players who played football but time has changed from your time to this time where you can see direct balls, now it is you guys who will instil this in our young players,into our U16 team.

Kumar said the Vodafone Fiji Under 16 league which was running now had a theme written on their jerseys “Mission 2026”.

“On the t-shirts is written “Mission 2026” and that means we are aiming for the 2026 FIFA World Cup where we are getting two and half spot and that half spot matters a lot for Fiji,” Kumar said.

The Technical Director said we could qualify from the Oceania region and we should start now.

“Who will start? You the coaches will start with your Under 16 teams. We have eight years now before we play the championship we will have lot of games like OFC Under 17, U20 championship and Pacific Games and these players will go through a lot of process but then to start off you are ones to start off, “Kumar said.

FIFA/OFC Instructor James Bannantine said the aim for the course was to enhance participants’ knowledge of the game, with a focus on creating the link between the newly established youth league and national player development model based around the Fiji FA playing philosophy.

Twenty One participants from around the country are participating in the course which concludes on Friday.

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