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Transfer Window Slow: Yusuf

The Fiji Football Association transfer window is slowly moving after it opened last Friday for a month.

Fiji FA chief executive officer Mohammed Yusuf has asked l players to follow the proper procedure and channel when applying for their release from one district to another in the player transfer window.

“The transfer window is now open and the players wanting to change their district teams can apply now. “Yusuf said.

He said Fiji FA were expecting a number of applications from the players seeking transfer to the various districts in coming weeks.

“We are urging players to think properly while taking transfer from their districts.”

Yusuf said they would not tolerate late application as was done in the past.

“We have advised the districts on the new legislation and we would make sure they abide by this.”

Yusuf said some districts had contracted players and the players should think before violating their contract.

“The districts cannot charge a player more than $5000 transfer fees, but if a player has taken a loan then he has to pay the amount,” Yusuf said.

“This is some of the things which we are controlling.

“The districts may be paying more for a player, but we have set a ceiling so that it makes it easier for the players to go to the next level where they want to go and not get bound by one district.”

He said Fiji FA was there to help the players.

“At the same time we want the players to be very careful,” he said.

“There is an opportunity for the players to go to another club, but they need to follow proper channel and make sure there is a proper signature and witnessed by the justice of the peace and then they will be able to apply for their release.

“If they want to put a fast one across and do not honour their previous contracts then they will be the big problem.

The transfer window closes on September 30.

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