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Sports Commission Pays Salary For National Coach

THE Fiji National Sports Commission has officially taken over the responsibility of paying for the salary cap of Vodafone Fiji national football coach Christophe Gamel.

Commission chairman Peter Mazey and Fiji Football Association chief executive Mohammed Yusuf signed the documents today at Fiji Sports Commission.

Mazey said the move would allow Fiji FA to concentrate on development work and its minor teams.

“Well once again this shows the commitment of the government to provide a major sports with an international coach,”Mazey said.

He said we were very lucky now to have Christophe Gamel as our new football coach.

“We are very lucky to have Gamel in the country because the way he is working, Iam sure he will take football to greater heights.”

Mazey said if we could get more commitment from younger players Fiji would excel at international level.

“We have the talent and Roy Krishna is an example what he does in New Zealand and now he is one of the best footballer in the country.”

He added that government was committed to the coaching program in next year’s budget.

“It is the only commitment they made so far,” Mazey said.

Yusuf thanked the government and Fiji Sports Commission for the assistant.

“We want to thank Peter, Fiji National Sports Commission and the Fijian government for their continued support in terms of assisting us in getting top quality technical people into the country to develop our sport, football in particular,” Yusuf said.

He said they would now support the government and would try to reach higher level.

“As Peters has said we will now support government and will try to go up and up in the international level,” ceo said.

Yusuf said the signing of the agreement was very timely as they take on New Zealand this Saturday in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers-OFC Stage 3 fixture.

“Well what a coincidence we are giving Gamel a new vehicle end of the day today and with signing of the agreement today which will look after his pay and all will surely be boost for him, ”Yusuf concluded.

“The Commission will now for the next three years assist the Fiji FA with salary cap and contract of Gamel which includes accommodation and vehicles,” he said.

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