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Robbers Ransacked Fiji FA Office

Seven masked robber ransacked the Fiji Football Association Headquarters in Vatuwaqa on Tuesday.

Security guard Ebriemi Nakaitu of Smart Efficient Security Services said the robbers entered the premises from the back gate with cane knifes and pinch bars.

He said they were searching for the IDC gate taking.

According to Nakaitu the robbers entered the premises so after his supervisor left.

“They all were wearing masks and caring iron, pinch bars and they came from behind and held me with the pinch bar.

“They asked me where the IDC money is and just told them I had no idea about any money, “he said.

He said they tied his hands and legs and covered his face with a bag and went inside but one but one was watching him.

“After their search they went away and left me at the back of the building.” Nakaitu said he was lucky to survive and thanked God for giving him strength to face his first experience of a robbery.

Fiji Football Association chief executive officer Bob Kumar said he received a call from Evergreen Fire and Security Services around 3am that the alarm in the office had been ringing.

“I advised them to go and check and they confirmed that there was a break-in so they called police,” he said.”

Kumar said he was shocked to see the damages inside the office when he arrived just few minutes later.

“The cabinets were broken in all the departments and all the documents were destroyed.”

He confirmed that there were some cash, camera equipment and hard drive missing.

Kumar said they were really after IDC money.

Police are still investigating.

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