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Our Referees Attend FIFA Course

Further development is on the horizon for match officials in Fiji as five senior referees are taking part at the OFC FIFA FUTURO III course as referee technical instructors, referee fitness instructors and futsal referee technical instructors in Auckland to upskill this week.

Fiji FA Referees Director Rakesh Varman and former FIFA Assistant referee Phul Singj will be part attending the Referees Instructor and Assessors course while Dina Mani and Avinesh Narayan will get the knowledge in physical fitness training.

Former FIFA futsal referee Jainut Dean will be taking part in the Futsal Instructors course.

Rakesh Varman says the main objective of the seminar is equipping the member association referee instructors with the right tools to up skill match officials and integrate FIFA refereeing standards and procedures across the region.

“The objective of the course is that the participants pass on this information to the instructors and referees in their associations. This is the biggest objective. The course is based on a teach-the-teachers concept,” Varman added.

After four days of active participation and integrated learning in all three of the courses, Varman is feeling confident about the course’s success and the impact it will have on refereeing – and the game overall – in Fiji.

“The benefit of this course is that all instructors are well-informed and passionate in what we’re trying to achieve – at the end of the day we’re all here for the match officials,” he said.

“Everybody wants to achieve the same thing because if this is successful then their local competitions will be successful. If you have good match officials then you’ll have good competitions and that will lead to football in our region improving overall.”

Assistant referee Avinesh Narayan said it was great to get the knowledge from the fitness instructors from FIFA and they were having good time up skilling their knowledge.

“It’s an opportunity to learn about fitness training and many new things and now days we know fitness is not a requirement but it’s a must for FIFA to pass the fitness test, “Narayan said.

He said they had learnt a lot in these four days and would learn more in the end.

“We have learnt a lot on new things so far and hope to learn more in the week.”

Narayan said his participant at the seminar would be a huge boost in the improvement of refereeing in Fiji football.

“It’s going to be very big development in refereeing as we are training in all aspects in refereeing here with Varman and Singh in instructor’s and assessors course while Dina Mani and I are part in the physical fitness with Jainut Dean in futsal.

The OFC FIFA FUTURO III Course will run until Saturday 2 September.

Meanwhile Rakesh Varman has also been appointed as referee assessor in the New Zealand vs Solomon Islands fixture in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia preliminary competition in Auckland tomorrow.

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