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New Fiji FA Vice President Elected

Nakasi based laywer Jitendra Reddy has won the elections and is the new Southern Division Vice-President of the Fiji Football Association.

Reddy won by a vote count of 38-9 over Tailevu Naitasiri president Sandeep Roy at the Fiji FA Congress. Reddy and Rao contested the south seat after Jainendra Sukhu opted not to contest due to medical reason.

For the west post, Jitendra Kumar (JK) retained his position defeating former Nadi president Navneeda Gounder with a vote count of 39-11.

Girja Prasad retained his post in the northern division and says he will continue to work for the development of the sport.

“Another four years there to look after the districts. This time around I will be work harder to promote betterment of football in the north.”

Women’s President Susan Wise was also appointed as one the Vice-Presidents and says this is a huge milestone for her.

“For the women, I know we have been doing well but I know we can do better than what we have been doing.”

Former chief executive officer Bob Kumar was appointed as Life member of Fiji Football Association.

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