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Lautoka’s bid to host Champions League successful

Lautoka Football Association (LFA) has been given the green-light for hosting the OFC Champions League group stage next year.
Fiji Football Association president Rajesh Patel confirmed the decision was made during the OFC executives meeting in New Zealand recently.
“We have already approved Lautoka as one of the hosts for the OFC Champions League next year.

“It will be great feat for your fans, it will also be a great challenge to win the o-league as it will be on your home soil.”
LFA president Abdul Kadar said they are thankful to the Fiji FA for supporting their bid.

“We are really happy to have won the bid to host one of the group stages of the OFC Champions league and we are very thankful for Fiji FA President together with the CEO and the entire BOC for their support in making this a possibility.

“This now gives an opportunity to the soccer loving people not only in Lautoka but all across Fiji to come and witness international level club football to be played on our shores.”

Kadar said its always an added boost to play as a host.

“It is always good to play in front of your own people as you get a lot of backing and support from the fans but at the same time puts the pressure on the team to perform and especially for us after finishing as the second-best team in the Oceania in this year’s competition.

“Yes, hosting the playoff would be a great boost in our preparations as we will have time and all resources available to prepare ourselves. When you travel to play it always takes a lot of time and effort as all logistics needs to be put in place.”

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