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Just Play- Lessons Learnt Workshop

29 Just Play volunteers are in Suva taking part in the Lessons Learnt workshop.
Just Play Manager Lavenia Yalovi says this workshop will be used to discuss how 2017 was for the volunteers.
“We will share our experiences. We will talk about how 2017 went and try and learn from each other. We implemented new things so we will discuss how did that work out.”
Yalovi says, they will also be discussing plans for 2018.
“It is a three day course. From tomorrow, we will focus on how we will be doing things this year. This is the perfect opportunities for these volunteers to share their challenges and it is something everyone will learn from.”
Ba reps, Saula Waqa and Samuela Nabenia are also taking part in the workshop.
Waqa has been with the Just Play programme for a year now and says the young players should take full advantage of the services available.
“I just wish we had something like this when I was a child as it teaches us a lot of things. Players should use this programme to upskill their knowledge about the game.”
Waqa is based at the Ba centre which has about 2000 young players in different schools.
These kids are looked after by five volunteers and Waqa says this is a challenge they face.
“Looking after so many players is a huge challenge for us. We urge other football players to come out and dedicate their time to the development of football.”

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